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I am a 30 year old web designer who loves his job :) !!


I've been working in web design and development for around 4 years now and am always researching new trends and keeping up to date with the latest and ever changing web standards.

I live in Barnet North London and pretty much live on my computer. In my spare time I do the usual relax and chill and try my best to keep the stresses of the world away from my door step! I also run Smart Web Design and Web design London.

What can creative web design do for you??

Here at creative web designs I beleive in breaking away from the norm and do what feels right for the project in hand and I never use templates.

Each creative web design begins it's life with the trusty pen and paper and as the process continues I allow it to evolve into what normally appears a great creative web design!

Aswell as making fully functional creative web designs I also ensure all my code is to web standards. I also build for all browsers (apart from IE6) how ever this can be done at a small extra cost.

Validation is the simplest way to check a page is built in accordance with web standards, and provides the most reliable guarantee that future web platforms will handle it as designed.

creative web designs is a one man band (just little old me) so you only deal with one person. I also charge only for the work I do as I work from home I have no heavy staff and premises costs.

I take every new project as a brand new challange pushing myself to produce amazing functional creative web designs.

Here are some creative web designs I have done...

Weight loss bootcamps

Tanyas concept design

flame fx ltd

smart web design
Weight loss bootcamps

Herrisons fitness retreat

A weekend boot camp by Herrison fitness health club & spa Visit site >

Flower designs

Flower designs

I designed and built this 1 page website in 7 daysVisit site >


Derek Kirk
(personal site)

I put this together untill I get the time to build my master piece :) Visit site >

flame fx ltd

Plumbers in London

A design and build for a North London Gas Engineers & Plumber Visit site >

Get in touch and see what creative web design can do for you